Christian Devotional Song | “God Perfects Those With the Work of the Holy Spirit”

Christian Devotional Song | “God Perfects Those With the Work of the Holy Spirit”


Conditions are getting better for a portion of people.

The more the Spirit works, the more they rest in confidence.

The more they experience, the more they can feel

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18 It Is So Important to Pray Genuinely

Today we will discuss a question: What is true prayer?
What do you think is true prayer?
A. Adhering to morning and evening prayers every day
B. Offering prayers of gratitude before meals, and giving thanks in all things
C. Praying for a long time and reciting more Bible verses
D. Praying to God with a sincere heart and speaking what is in our heart honestly

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12. Faith Means Relying on God

The Lord Jesus said, “For truly I say to you, If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible to you” (Matthew 17:20). We can see from the Lord’s words that no matter what setbacks, tribulations, and hardships we encounter, as long as we pray and rely on God and have true faith in Him, we will be led by Him, see His miraculous deeds, and overcome all difficulties. However, in life, because we have little faith in God, we often live in various difficulties, feeling confused, miserable, and helpless. So, do you want to know how to have true faith in God?

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Christian Reflections: I Now Know How to Get Rid of Sin

Recently, some brothers and sisters have sent us messages, saying, “I am often unable to carry out the Lord’s teachings. When someone does or says something that I don’t like, I can’t be tolerant and patient; when matters touch upon my interests, I can lie; when I encounter calamities, I also blame God. … I feel confused: Can I, who often live in the state of sinning in the day and confessing at night, enter God’s kingdom?”

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20. I See Through the CCP Government’s Lies and God’s Love Draws Me Back to Him

In every step of God’s work, Satan would wildly disturb people and distribute all kinds of fallacies to deceive people. Just as when the Lord Jesus worked, those Jewish leaders fabricated many rumors and denied that the Lord Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit. They condemned the Lord Jesus for blasphemy, and even said the Lord Jesus drove demons by the prince of the devils. In the end Jewish people blindly listened to the Pharisees and fell for the trickery of Satan. They nailed the Lord Jesus to the cross and lost the eternal salvation. It is now the end of the last days when someone testifies that the Lord has already come to do a new work. Some fabricated fallacies or lies come out of the religious world and the CCP government, so that some people do not dare to investigate God’s work of the last days. Isn’t this to fall for Satan’s scheme? If we blindly believe rumors and do not humbly seek the truth in such a big matter as welcoming the Lord’s coming, we would miss the chance to be saved into the heavenly kingdom and lose the Lord’s salvation. Then aren’t we foolish virgins? Just as the Bible says, “Fools die for want of wisdom” (Proverbs 10:21).

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Why Did God Name the Second Age the Age of Grace?

God says, “During the last days, God incarnate has come to earth chiefly in order to speak words. When Jesus came, He spread the gospel of the kingdom of heaven, and He accomplished the work of redemption of the crucifixion. He brought an end to the Age of Law, and abolished all the old things. The arrival of Jesus ended the Age of Law and ushered in the Age of Grace; the arrival of God incarnate of the last days has brought an end to the Age of Grace. He has come chiefly to speak His words, to use words to make man perfect, to illuminate and enlighten man, and to remove the place of the vague God within man’s heart. This is not the stage of work that Jesus did when He came. When Jesus came, He performed many miracles, He healed the sick and cast out demons, and He did the work of redemption of the crucifixion. As a consequence, in people’s notions, they believe that this is how God should be. For when Jesus came, He did not do the work of removing the image of the vague God from man’s heart; when He came, He was crucified, He healed the sick and cast out demons, and He spread the gospel of the kingdom of heaven. In one regard, the incarnation of God during the last days removes the place held by the vague God in the notions of man, so that there is no longer the image of the vague God in man’s heart. Through His actual words and actual work, His movement across all lands, and the exceptionally real and normal work that He does among man, He causes man to know the reality of God, and removes the place of the vague God in man’s heart. In another regard, God uses the words spoken by His flesh to make man complete, and to accomplish all things. This is the work that God will accomplish during the last days.”

The Church of Almighty God

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What Is the Disposition God Expresses in the Age of Kingdom?

God’s Spirit is transcendent and holy, and we humans are filthy flesh, and when seeing the face of God, we will be killed by His Spirit and then we will not receive God’s salvation in the last days. For example, when David was leading the Israelis from Baalah of Judah to bring the ark of the covenant back to Jerusalem, one of the oxen pulling the cart carrying the ark stumbled, but when Uzzah steadied the ark with his hand, he offended God’s disposition and was killed by God’s Spirit. However, when God becomes flesh to come among us, we have the opportunity to have contact with God face to face. The incarnate God can have an understanding for our weaknesses and tolerate our immaturity and ignorance. As it is recorded in the Gospel of John, a promiscuous married woman was seized and brought before the Lord Jesus, yet the Lord forgave her sins, and enjoined her not to commit that transgression again. Besides, the incarnate God can also actually express words to save us and show us the way to escape sin, targeting all the difficulties we have with life entry, so that we corrupted humanity can have the chance to be saved. These results can’t be achieved by the appearance of God’s Spirit. Therefore, in the last days, God becomes flesh to do the work of salvation, which is the most beneficial to us, and embodies God’s love and salvation for us.

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Reflections About Life: What’s the True Meaning of Life? A King’s Last Words Provide Food for Thought

Where does mankind come from, and where will we go? This subject has confounded mankind for many years, but no one can answer it. From when we come wailing into the world to when we get married and start our own business, we have rushed about and worked hard for the sake of our own careers, families and friendships. However, after we have everything we want, we still feel empty and helpless in our innermost hearts. Many people are confused about this and ask: What’s the meaning of life? Let’s explore the mysteries of human existence with the classic documentary The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything!

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How Do We Worship God in Spirit and in Truth? Here Are 2 Points

The life the Lord gives us is light and easy. With God’s guidance, we will live freely and at ease. Just as the Lord Jesus said, “For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light” (Matthew 11:30). We all know we should attend gatherings, read God’s words, and draw close to God more often. Yet why are we always entangled in various people, events and things so that we have no time to draw near to God, and often stay away from God, living in great pain?
God’s word says, “It can be said in this way: What God wants to do in man is exactly what Satan wants to destroy, and what Satan wants to destroy is expressed through man, completely unconcealed. There are clear examples of what God does in people: Their conditions are getting better and better. There are also clear representations of Satan’s destruction in mankind: They are becoming more and more depraved, and their conditions are sinking ever lower. Once their situations grow dire enough, they are liable to be captured by Satan.” From God’s words, we come to understand that God does the work to save us, but Satan tries every possible means to bind us and occupy our hearts. Its purpose is to let us have no time to worship God, get away from God, and eventually lose the chance of being saved, fall into disasters and be destroyed. So, on the one hand, we should understand God’s earnest intention of saving us and the importance of attending gatherings and drawing close to God. On the other hand, we should see through Satan’s trick. No matter how busy we are, we need to pray to God and ask God to make a way out for us so that we can spare the time to attend gatherings and get close to God. The more we get close to God, the more we can live before God, and the more normal our spiritual state will be. As such, Satan will no longer dare to disturb us; God will care for and protect us; our pain, pressure, and worries will be gone little by little.

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