“God Is Among Us” | 2021 English Christian Song

“God Is Among Us” | 2021 English Christian Song


We’ve come from across the world;

together in God’s house we meet.

We are supplied by God’s word

and attend Lamb’s wedding feast. Continue reading ““God Is Among Us” | 2021 English Christian Song”

What can true prayer achieve?

Relevant Words of God:

People may be able to carry out the practice of prayer and to understand the significance of prayer, but for prayer to be effective is no simple matter. Prayer is not a case of just going through the motions, following procedure, or reciting the words of God. That is to say, praying is not parroting certain words and it is not imitating others. In prayer, one must reach the state where one’s heart can be given to God, laying open one’s heart so that it may be moved by God. If prayer is to be effective, then it must be based on the reading of God’s words. Continue reading “What can true prayer achieve?”

Gospel Q&A-Man’s End and Destination-question 5

5, Disasters are happening frequently all over the world, and they are growing in scale, heralding the arrival of the last days. The Bible says, “But the end of all things is at hand” (1Pe 4:7). We know that when the Lord returns during the last days He will reward good and punish evil and determine people’s ends. So how will He reward good and punish evil, and how will He determine people’s ends?

The Church of Almighty God | Gospel Question and Answer

Relevant Words of God:

In His final work of concluding the age, God’s disposition is one of chastisement and judgment, in which He reveals all that is unrighteous, in order to publicly judge all peoples, and to perfect those who love Him with a sincere heart. Only a disposition such as this can bring the age to an end. The last days have already arrived. All things in creation will be separated according to their kind, and divided into different categories based on their nature. This is the moment when God reveals humanity’s outcome and their destination. If people do not undergo chastisement and judgment, then there will be no way of exposing their disobedience and unrighteousness. Continue reading “Gospel Q&A-Man’s End and Destination-question 5”

2021 English Christian Song | “When the Holy Spirit Works on Man”

After two thousand years of hoping and waiting, the Lord has finally returned! You’re welcome to contact us to learn about the Lord’s appearance and work in the last days, and to attend the Lamb’s feast.
Messenger: https://bit.ly/3t9ZyC0YouTube

2021 English Christian Song | “When the Holy Spirit Works on Man”

Verse 1
The Holy Spirit’s work enlightens
and guides people positively.
It does not allow people to be passive.
It brings them solace,
grants them faith and resolve,
enabling them to seek to be made perfect by God. Continue reading “2021 English Christian Song | “When the Holy Spirit Works on Man””

God’s Daily Word | “How to Know God’s Disposition and the Results His Work Shall Achieve” | Excerpt 10

Almighty God says, “This time around, God comes to do work not in a spiritual body, but in a very ordinary one. Moreover, not only is it the body of God’s second incarnation, it is also the body through which God returns to the flesh. It is a very ordinary flesh. You cannot see anything that makes Him stand out from others, but you can gain from Him previously unheard-of truths. This insignificant flesh is what embodies all the words of truth from God, undertakes God’s work in the last days, and expresses the whole of God’s disposition for man to understand.”

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Almighty God’s Work Has Caused Us to Walk the Same Path as Husband and Wife

Throughout all of history, Satan has never stopped its persecution of believers in God. Especially in China, where the Chinese Communist Party exercises control, every believer is persecuted by the CCP. Countless Christians, because of following the right path by believing in God, have been ordered to be arrested, seized, sentenced to prison, and subjected to torture, and some even have been tortured to death. So many have been forced into exile and wandered across the country, spilling their blood and tears. In the midst of oppression and calamity, however, they still prayed to God and called out to God, finally overcoming the savage torture and the fear of death under the guidance of God’s words. In the spiritual battles, they triumphed over Satan, and bore testimony to God.

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