Christian Movie “Escape From the Devil’s Den” | God With Me

Hey, brothers and sisters, I’d like to share a movie with you all and it will lead you to learn about the truth of the CCP persecuting the religious beliefs… After finishing watching it, you can express your own opinion and we can communicate with each other.

She was a strong-minded woman. She paid a painstaking effort but always failed to get her wish, so she felt lost and was disoriented…. In her distress and helplessness, Almighty God’s end-time salvation came upon her. She saw the light of life and found the true goal in God’s word, and her life was thus full of vitality and happiness. Unexpectedly, she was secretly watched and arrested by the CCP government because of that. To force her into selling out the church, the evil cops carried out “wheel combat” to destroy her willpower. Continue reading “Christian Movie “Escape From the Devil’s Den” | God With Me”

Christian Movie “In the Deep of Winter” | God Is My Power

This page has been a compilation of dozens of videos about the religious persecution and it will help you to see through rumors and welcome the Lord’s return while you investigate the gospel of the Lord’s return!

Her name is Xiao Li. She has believed in God for more than a decade. In the winter of 2012, she was arrested by the Chinese Communist police at a congregation. During interrogation, the police repeatedly coaxed, threatened, battered and tortured her in their attempts to seduce her to betray God by disclosing the whereabouts of the leaders and money of the church. Particularly in one frozen night when the temperature was twenty degrees below zero, she was forcibly stripped naked, drenched with icy water, electrically shocked on her lower area, and force-fed mustard water by the police….

2021 Christian Testimony Video | “Growing Up Amidst a Storm”

2021 Christian Testimony Video | “Growing Up Amidst a Storm”

At just 20 years old, Mi Xue is followed and arrested by the Chinese Communist police while she’s out sharing the gospel. The police brutally torture her, using all sorts of tricks to both entice her and threaten her, and later take her to a secret brainwashing facility to convert her and force her to give up her faith and sell out her brothers and sisters. Through all of this hardship, she leans on God, and with the enlightenment and guidance of God’s words, she triumphs over Satan’s temptations and attacks time and time again. She stands witness and stays firm in her resolve to follow God. Continue reading “2021 Christian Testimony Video | “Growing Up Amidst a Storm””

2021 Christian Testimony Video | “A Tale of Two Arrests”

2021 Christian Testimony Video | “A Tale of Two Arrests”

After the main character is illegally detained by the Communist Party during spreading the gospel, he’s tortured in all sorts of ways, including being tied up, handcuffed in a painful position, and suspended from handcuffs. The police also lock him in a cage and refuse to let him sleep. In agony and afraid that he’ll be beaten to death if he doesn’t tell them anything, he denies his faith in God. However, the police do not believe him and force him to take a psychoactive drug, refuse to let him use the bathroom, and even strip off all his clothing and take him into a hallway to humiliate him. Continue reading “2021 Christian Testimony Video | “A Tale of Two Arrests””


At the Brink of Death, Almighty God Came to My Aid

At the Brink of Death, Almighty God Came to My AidBy Wang Cheng, Hebei Province

During my time as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I was persecuted by the CCP government. The government used the “crime” of my belief in the Lord Jesus as a reason to often give me a hard time and oppress me. They even ordered the village cadres to make frequent visits to my house to inquire into my belief practices. In 1998, I accepted the work of Almighty God in the last days. When I heard the words of the Creator uttered in person, I was excited and moved in a way that I can’t even describe. With the encouragement of God’s love, I made a resolution: I would follow Almighty God to the very end, no matter what. During that time, I enthusiastically attended meetings and spread the gospel, which once again attracted the attention of the CCP government. This time, their persecution of me was worse than ever. It got so bad that I couldn’t practice my faith normally in my own house and was forced to leave my home in order to fulfill my duties. Continue reading “At the Brink of Death, Almighty God Came to My Aid”


A Song of Life Amidst the Ruin

A Song of Life Amidst the Ruin
By Gao Jing, Henan Province

In 1999, I had the fortune to accept Almighty God’s work of the last days. Through reading God’s words, I perceived the authority and power they hold, and felt that these words were the voice of God. Being able to hear the words expressed to mankind by the Creator moved me beyond my ability to describe, and for the first time, I felt the sense of peace and joy in the depths of my spirit that the work of the Holy Spirit brings to man. From that moment on, I became an increasingly avid reader of God’s words. After I’d joined The Church of Almighty God, I saw that the church was a completely new world, entirely different from that of society. All the brothers and sisters were simple and kind, pure and full of life. Although we weren’t related to each other by blood, and we each came from different backgrounds and had our own identities, we were all like kindred spirits who loved each other, supported one another, and were united together in joy. Continue reading “A Song of Life Amidst the Ruin”


4. From Suffering Is Emitted the Fragrance of Love

4From Suffering Is Emitted the Fragrance of Love

Christian Testimonies | 4. From Suffering Is Emitted the Fragrance of Love

By Xiaokai, Jiangxi Province

I’m an ordinary country woman and, because of the feudalistic idea of only valuing male children, I was unable to raise my head in front of others for shame of having borne no son. Just when I was suffering the most, I was chosen by the Lord Jesus and, two years later, I accepted the salvation of Almighty God. Moreover, I understood much truth from within the words of Almighty God and my spirit obtained true release. However, while I was performing my duty to repay God’s love, I was twice arrested by the CCP government and I suffered brutal torture and torment at the hands of the CCP’s pawns. Continue reading “4. From Suffering Is Emitted the Fragrance of Love”


A Youth Without Regret

Christian Testimonies | A Youth Without Regret

Christian Testimonies | A Youth Without Regret

By Xiaowen, Chongqing City

“‘Love’ refers to an emotion that is pure and without blemish, where you use your heart to love, to feel, and to be thoughtful. In love there are no conditions, no barriers, and no distance. In love there is no suspicion, no deceit, and no cunning. In love there is no trade and nothing impure” (“Pure Love Without Blemish” in Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs). This hymn of God’s words was once my companion as I lived through an interminable and painful seven years and four months of life in prison. Though the CCP government deprived me of the best years of my youth, I gained from Almighty God the truth that is most precious and most real. Therefore I have no regrets whatsoever! Continue reading “A Youth Without Regret”


Rising Up From Dark Oppression

Rising Up From Dark Oppression

By Mo Zhijian, Guangdong Province

I was born in a poor, remote mountain area where we have burned incense and worshiped Buddha for many generations. There are Buddhist temples all over the land where all the families would go to burn incense; no one had ever believed in God. In 1995, my wife and I were working in another part of the country where we started believing in the Lord Jesus; after we returned we began sharing the gospel and the number of people who accepted it slowly grew to over 100 people. Because more and more people were believing in God, it alarmed the local government. One day in 1997, the police summoned me to go to the local police station, where the chief of the County Public Security Bureau, the chief of the Security Bureau, the chief of the Bureau of Religion and the head of the police station as well as a few police officers were waiting for me. Continue reading “Rising Up From Dark Oppression”

2020 Christian Testimony Video | “When I Was Eighteen” | Based on a True Story

I didn’t know much about the state of faith in China before. I watched Christian Testimony Video “When I Was Eighteen” At the age of 18, she was arrested, fled but was arrested again because of believing in God and preaching the gospel, and then she suffered inhuman insults and torments. Only then did I know that the CCP persecutes religious beliefs and murders Christians so frantically. I would like to share this Video with you and hope that more people could understand the facts of the CCP persecuting Chinese Christians!

At the age of 18, Yilian was arrested by the CCP police because of her faith. They used all sorts of tactics to humiliate and torture her, to tempt and entice her, trying to force her to betray God and sell out her brothers and sisters. She prayed and called out to God time and time again through these hardships…. How did Yilian triumph over Satan and stand witness under the guidance of God’s words? Watch When I Was Eighteen to find out.

These Christian movies based on true stories will help you find the right direction and goal in life, and give you more confidence and strength to follow