How to Enter Into a Normal State

How to Enter Into a Normal State | The Church of Almighty God

The more people accept the words of God, the more enlightened they are, and the more they hunger and thirst in their pursuit of knowing God. Only those who accept the words of God are capable of having richer and more profound experiences, and they are the only ones whose lives can continue to grow like sesame flowers. All who pursue life should treat this as their full-time job; they should feel that “without God, I cannot live; without God, I can accomplish nothing; without God, everything is empty.” Continue reading “How to Enter Into a Normal State”

18 It Is So Important to Pray Genuinely

Today we will discuss a question: What is true prayer?
What do you think is true prayer?
A. Adhering to morning and evening prayers every day
B. Offering prayers of gratitude before meals, and giving thanks in all things
C. Praying for a long time and reciting more Bible verses
D. Praying to God with a sincere heart and speaking what is in our heart honestly

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What Constitutes True Spiritual Devotion?

Doing daily devotion and prayer is an important way for us Christians to establish a normal relationship with God. Have you persisted in doing it?
A. No matter how busy I am, I will pray to God and have a fixed time for my spiritual devotions.
B. I only pray, and don’t do spiritual devotions.
C. I just pray when encountering difficulties.

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How to Read the Bible Effectively to Gain the Guidance of the Holy Spirit

Sometimes, because we are busy with studies or work, we don’t pay attention to praying to God or we just say a few words to God half-heartedly, going through the motions in prayer. This causes us to develop an abnormal state. So, how should we pray to God?
The Lord Jesus said: “When the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeks such to worship Him” (John 4:23). “But you, when you pray, enter into your closet, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father which is in secret” (Matthew 6:6). 

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How to Pray to Gain the Holy Spirit’s Work

God’s words say: “When praying, you must have a heart that is quiet before God, and you must have a sincere heart. You are truly communing and praying with God—you must not deceive God using nice-sounding words. Prayer should center upon that which God wishes to accomplish right now. Ask God to grant you greater enlightenment and illumination, bring your actual states and your troubles into His presence when you pray, including the resolution that you made before God. Prayer is not about following procedure; it is about seeking God with a sincere heart. Ask that God protect your heart, so that your heart may often be quiet before Him; that in the environment in which He has placed you, you would know yourself, despise yourself, and forsake yourself, thus allowing you to have a proper relationship with God and truly become someone who loves God” (“Concerning the Practice of Prayer”). 

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What’s True Peace and Joy?

We can practice our spiritual devotion through singing hymns in praise of God as well as eating and drinking God’s words, attending gatherings. God says, “It is not acceptable to only put but one aspect of the spiritual life into practice; eating and drinking the words of God, praying, and singing hymns all constitute the spiritual life.” Listen to the music in praise of the Creator and enjoy the new life with God in the kingdom. 

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3 Key Points: How to Pray Effectively

God says, “Whilst praying, your heart must be at peace before God, and it must be sincere. You are truly communing and praying with God; you must not deceive God using nice-sounding words. Prayer is centered around that which God wishes to complete today. Ask God to bring you greater enlightenment and illumination, and bring your actual state and troubles before God to pray, and make resolution before God. Prayer is not the following of procedure, but the seeking of God using your true heart. Continue reading “3 Key Points: How to Pray Effectively”

How to Repent to God to Be After His Heart: Gaining Inspiration From the Story of King David

King David Truly Repented to God

How to Repent to God to Be After His Heart: Gaining Inspiration From the Story of King David

By Shuxun, Italy

Whenever King David is mentioned, my mind conjures up the image of when he was in his teens and, by relying on the strength of Jehovah, he used a slingshot to kill the giant Goliath with a stone. Afterward, he went to war, won many battles and did many heroic deeds. It is also recorded in the Bible, however, that when David became the king of Israel, he had Uriah killed and then took his wife Bathsheba. Continue reading “How to Repent to God to Be After His Heart: Gaining Inspiration From the Story of King David”

Christian Diaries: Falling into Temptation and Finding Victory Through God

Zhang Lei

Thursday, February 1, Sunny

This morning right after breakfast, even before I had finished my devotionals, my little sister came to my house and told me excitedly: “It’s really easy and fast to start an online business these days. I have a friend who’s been doing really well in her micro-business. Why don’t you give it a try?” She saw that I wasn’t saying a word, so then said: “Hey, give it a shot! There aren’t many barriers to entry and you don’t need to invest much money. Besides, your time would be really free. No matter where you are, you can share pictures of products on your Moments; the time is not limited like going to work.” After hearing her say this I thought: “I don’t have the time to be a micro-entrepreneur. I was just dismissed from my duty, so I really need to read God’s words and reflect on myself, then I need to perform my duty again.” Thinking of that, I flatly refused.

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God’s Words Guided Me Through Satan’s Temptations

By Ma Xin, China

Since my husband was not engaged in honest work, drank a lot, and showed no concern for family matters, I was often mired in bitterness and pain. At a time when I did not have the strength to struggle on, a relative shared Almighty God’s gospel of the kingdom with me. Through reading God’s word, I understood that God expresses the truth and does the judgment work of the last days in order to save the human race from the hands of Satan. He allows man to understand, obey, and turn toward Him in order to receive His protection and care. As a result, I joyfully accepted Almighty God’s work of the last days and quickly began living a life of the church. However, just as I was feeling fortunate and happy because I had found something I could depend on in life, Satan’s temptations pounced on me like a wild beast chasing its prey, and a spiritual war ensued …

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