Do You Know How Important God’s Law and His 10 Commandments Are to Mankind?

During the Age of Law, Jehovah God laid down many commandments to guide the lives of the people on earth. What intentions of God are contained within these commandments and requirements? Let us explore together the content and result of the work God did in the Age of Law!

“After the creation of mankind in the beginning, it was the Israelites who served as the basis of work, and the whole of Israel was the base of Jehovah’s work on earth. The work of Jehovah was to directly lead and shepherd man through setting forth the laws so that man could live a normal life and worship Jehovah in a normal manner on earth. God in the Age of Law was One who could neither be seen nor touched by man. He was merely leading men first corrupted by Satan, and He was there to instruct and shepherd these men, so the words He spoke were only of statutes, ordinances, and common knowledge of living life as a man, and not at all of truths that supply the life of man. The Israelites under His leadership were not those deeply corrupted by Satan. His work of law was only the very first stage in the work of salvation, the very beginning of the work of salvation, and had practically nothing to do with the changes in the life disposition of man.”from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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