2020 Christian Testimony Video | “When I Was Eighteen” | Based on a True Story

I didn’t know much about the state of faith in China before. I watched Christian Testimony Video “When I Was Eighteen” At the age of 18, she was arrested, fled but was arrested again because of believing in God and preaching the gospel, and then she suffered inhuman insults and torments. Only then did I know that the CCP persecutes religious beliefs and murders Christians so frantically. I would like to share this Video with you and hope that more people could understand the facts of the CCP persecuting Chinese Christians!

At the age of 18, Yilian was arrested by the CCP police because of her faith. They used all sorts of tactics to humiliate and torture her, to tempt and entice her, trying to force her to betray God and sell out her brothers and sisters. She prayed and called out to God time and time again through these hardships…. How did Yilian triumph over Satan and stand witness under the guidance of God’s words? Watch When I Was Eighteen to find out.

These Christian movies based on true stories will help you find the right direction and goal in life, and give you more confidence and strength to follow


9A Different Kind of Love

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A chance opportunity in 2011 allowed me to come to Brazil from China. When I had just arrived, I was overwhelmed with fresh and new experiences and filled with curiosity, and I had a good feeling about the future. But after some time, this fresh and new feeling was quickly replaced by the loneliness and pain of finding myself in a far-off foreign land. Every day I went back home all alone and ate by myself, staring at the walls around me day by day without anyone even to talk to. I felt so lonely, and would often cry in secret. Just when I was feeling at my most distressed and helpless, the Lord Jesus brought me into a gathering by means of a friend. Continue reading “9A Different Kind of Love”

2021 Christian Testimony Video | “Rectifying My Motives in My Duty”


2021 Christian Testimony Video | “Rectifying My Motives in My Duty”

In this video, the main character is elected as a church leader. At first, she thinks that as a leader, her fellowship on the truth has to be clearer than others’, she needs to be able to see into the essence of problems, and she has to resolve any and all problems brothers and sisters face in their entry into life. She feels that’s the only way to be looked up to and approved of by others. Her starting point and her motives in her duty aren’t correct—she’s constantly thinking about upholding her position as leader, she’s afraid of not solving others’ problems and being looked down on, and she’s always really nervous in gatherings. As a result, her fellowship is lifeless and gatherings become less and less effective. Continue reading “2021 Christian Testimony Video | “Rectifying My Motives in My Duty””

2021 Christian Testimony Video | “Who Gave Me My Freedom?”

These faith-based movies, free of charge, tell Christians’ true testimony of persevering in following God and bearing witness for God in all kinds of awful environments.

2021 Christian Testimony Video | “Who Gave Me My Freedom?”

After the main character is reported for believing in God, the Communist Party threatens her husband’s job in an effort to force her into giving up her faith. Wanting to preserve his position and paycheck, her husband begins trying to coerce her into no longer practicing her faith, using both the carrot and the stick. He brings in her entire family to gang up on her and brings up the prospect of divorce, demanding that she make a choice between their family and her faith. Continue reading “2021 Christian Testimony Video | “Who Gave Me My Freedom?””

2021 Christian Testimony Video | “Living Out a Human Likeness at Last”

2021 Christian Testimony Video | “Living Out a Human Likeness at Last”

The main character, a leader in the church, becomes concerned that her own work will be impacted every time talented members of the church she’s responsible for are needed to perform their duties elsewhere. Each time, she is resistant and tries to stand in the way, doing all she can think of to prevent her team members from being transferred. This disrupts the work of God’s house. Through experiencing the judgment and chastisement of God’s words, she sees how selfish and malicious she has been. Continue reading “2021 Christian Testimony Video | “Living Out a Human Likeness at Last””

Through Understanding the Mystery of the Names of God, I Keep Pace With the Footsteps of the Lamb

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When I was little, I was a smart and sensible kid and so I always received the loving care of my parents, relatives and friends. Because I always got good grades at school and was kind and easygoing, I was well liked by teachers and classmates. During that time, I was full of hope for the future. Much to my surprise, however, when it came time to test for high school, I missed qualifying for the top girls’ school by half a point and was admitted instead to a second-grade school. I was so unable to accept what had happened that I locked myself in my room for two days and refused to eat or drink. That was the first time I had experienced failure in my life—I felt as if I had fallen into an abyss and I was wracked with torment and pain. Continue reading “Through Understanding the Mystery of the Names of God, I Keep Pace With the Footsteps of the Lamb”

2021 Christian Testimony Video | “A Taste of Being an Honest Person”

2021 Christian Testimony Video | “A Taste of Being an Honest Person”

The Lord Jesus said, “Truly I say to you, Except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:3). Being an honest person is a truth that Christians must practice and enter into, and has a direct bearing on whether or not someone can be saved and enter into the kingdom of heaven. In this short film, the main character shares some of her own experience with being an honest person. Once while discussing an issue in a gathering, the leader asks everyone present to share their own perspective. Continue reading “2021 Christian Testimony Video | “A Taste of Being an Honest Person””

Reunited With the Lord

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I was born into a Catholic family, and from an early age my mother taught me to read the Bible. That was during the time the Chinese Communist Party was building up the nation after the civil war, and since the CCP government was suppressing all religions, I was 20 years old before I finally got the chance to go to church and listen to sermons. The priest often said to us: “We Catholics must properly confess our sins and repent. We must do good, not evil, and always go to Mass. During the last days, the Lord is going to come and judge everyone and send people to heaven or to hell based on their behavior. The greatest sinners will suffer eternal punishment in hell, whereas those who commit minor sins can still go to heaven as long as they confess their sins to the Lord and repent. Continue reading “Reunited With the Lord”

2. The Road to Purification

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My name is Christopher, and I’m a pastor of a house church in the Philippines. In 1987, I was baptized and turned to the Lord Jesus and then by the Lord’s grace, in 1996 I became a pastor in a local church. At that time, I was not only working and preaching in many places around the Philippines, but I was also preaching in places such as Hong Kong and Malaysia. Through the work and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I felt that I had inexhaustible energy in my work for the Lord and endless inspiration for my sermons. I would often offer support to brothers and sisters who were feeling negative and weak. Continue reading “2. The Road to Purification”

2021 Christian Movie | “Memories of My Youth” ( Trailer)

2021 Christian Movie | “Memories of My Youth” (Trailer)

Zhao Xinliang has believed in God along with his parents ever since he was little. Then in May 2014, at just 20 years old, he’s arrested by the police while in a gathering and taken to a transformation through education center for brainwashing. The police employ all sorts of torture methods in an attempt to force him to sell out the church, including burning him with lit cigarettes on the nipples and below the belt, and splashing four kettles full of boiling water all over his body and his genitals, leaving him entirely covered with blood blisters both large and small and his skin a horrible sight to behold. Continue reading “2021 Christian Movie | “Memories of My Youth” ( Trailer)”