Christian Movie “Escape From the Devil’s Den” | God With Me

Hey, brothers and sisters, I’d like to share a movie with you all and it will lead you to learn about the truth of the CCP persecuting the religious beliefs… After finishing watching it, you can express your own opinion and we can communicate with each other.

She was a strong-minded woman. She paid a painstaking effort but always failed to get her wish, so she felt lost and was disoriented…. In her distress and helplessness, Almighty God’s end-time salvation came upon her. She saw the light of life and found the true goal in God’s word, and her life was thus full of vitality and happiness. Unexpectedly, she was secretly watched and arrested by the CCP government because of that. To force her into selling out the church, the evil cops carried out “wheel combat” to destroy her willpower. Continue reading “Christian Movie “Escape From the Devil’s Den” | God With Me”

Christian Movie “In the Deep of Winter” | God Is My Power

This page has been a compilation of dozens of videos about the religious persecution and it will help you to see through rumors and welcome the Lord’s return while you investigate the gospel of the Lord’s return!

Her name is Xiao Li. She has believed in God for more than a decade. In the winter of 2012, she was arrested by the Chinese Communist police at a congregation. During interrogation, the police repeatedly coaxed, threatened, battered and tortured her in their attempts to seduce her to betray God by disclosing the whereabouts of the leaders and money of the church. Particularly in one frozen night when the temperature was twenty degrees below zero, she was forcibly stripped naked, drenched with icy water, electrically shocked on her lower area, and force-fed mustard water by the police….

2021 Christian Testimony Video | “Growing Up Amidst a Storm”

2021 Christian Testimony Video | “Growing Up Amidst a Storm”

At just 20 years old, Mi Xue is followed and arrested by the Chinese Communist police while she’s out sharing the gospel. The police brutally torture her, using all sorts of tricks to both entice her and threaten her, and later take her to a secret brainwashing facility to convert her and force her to give up her faith and sell out her brothers and sisters. Through all of this hardship, she leans on God, and with the enlightenment and guidance of God’s words, she triumphs over Satan’s temptations and attacks time and time again. She stands witness and stays firm in her resolve to follow God. Continue reading “2021 Christian Testimony Video | “Growing Up Amidst a Storm””

2021 Christian Testimony Video | “A Tale of Two Arrests”

2021 Christian Testimony Video | “A Tale of Two Arrests”

After the main character is illegally detained by the Communist Party during spreading the gospel, he’s tortured in all sorts of ways, including being tied up, handcuffed in a painful position, and suspended from handcuffs. The police also lock him in a cage and refuse to let him sleep. In agony and afraid that he’ll be beaten to death if he doesn’t tell them anything, he denies his faith in God. However, the police do not believe him and force him to take a psychoactive drug, refuse to let him use the bathroom, and even strip off all his clothing and take him into a hallway to humiliate him. Continue reading “2021 Christian Testimony Video | “A Tale of Two Arrests””


2021 Christian Movie | “Memories of My Youth” ( Trailer)

2021 Christian Movie | “Memories of My Youth” (Trailer)

Zhao Xinliang has believed in God along with his parents ever since he was little. Then in May 2014, at just 20 years old, he’s arrested by the police while in a gathering and taken to a transformation through education center for brainwashing. The police employ all sorts of torture methods in an attempt to force him to sell out the church, including burning him with lit cigarettes on the nipples and below the belt, and splashing four kettles full of boiling water all over his body and his genitals, leaving him entirely covered with blood blisters both large and small and his skin a horrible sight to behold. Continue reading “2021 Christian Movie | “Memories of My Youth” ( Trailer)”

Christian Movie Trailer | “Branded” | 28 Years of Bloody, Heart-rending Persecution by the CCP

At the age of 13, she was arrested by the Chinese police due to attending gatherings. Since then, she had never escaped the arrest and persecution by the CCP in the span of 28 years. She lived in fear every single day and was highly tense. In such a horrible and dangerous environment, how did she rely on God to bear a beautiful and resounding testimony for God? Please watch a Christian’ real-life experience “Branded.”

2020 Christian Movie trailer | “Branded” | Based on a True Story

Li Chenxi has attended gatherings and read the Bible with her parents since she was little. In 1988 at just 13 years old, she’s arrested while attending a gathering, then locked up in a small, dark room for one day and two nights. From then on, the CCP never stops persecuting her. She’s once again arrested by the police at 17 for sending books of God’s words to other brothers and sisters in the church. In an effort to force her to reveal the source of the books, the police brutally beat her father right in front of her, and parade her through the streets labeled as a “political prisoner.” Continue reading “Christian Movie Trailer | “Branded” | 28 Years of Bloody, Heart-rending Persecution by the CCP”

Christian Movie | “Sweetness in Adversity” | Faith-Based Movies

Hello. Here I’d like to speak some heartfelt words with you who read the post. Disasters become ever more severe, but I see many friends around me have yet to welcome the Lord, so I feel very worried. Why do I say this? Because the Savior has long ago returned and He is the incarnate Almighty God. However, many friends who would like to investigate the true way see the rumors on the Internet spread by the CCP, so they stop investigating the true way. However, do you know? Rumors are rumors after all. As long as we discern them, we will know the truths. If we give up investigating because of blindly listening to the rumors and lose the chance of welcoming the Lord’s return, it would be a great pity, wouldn’t it? Here I’d like to recommend a movie to you all. I sincerely hope this movie will help you to see through the rumors spread by the CCP and welcome the Lord as soon as possible.

Continue reading “Christian Movie | “Sweetness in Adversity” | Faith-Based Movies”

Christian Movie | Chronicles of Religious Persecution in China | “Scars” (English Dubbed)

This morning, I finished watching a documentary about a Chinese Christian being persecuted, and I couldn’t help but shed tears while watching it. Just because of believing in God and attending meetings, Cheng Rui had been monitored of her phone and was arrested secretly. In the interrogation room, Cheng Rui had been tortured repeatedly and suffered great pain. She had been suspended for 12 hours and her two hands couldn’t function. In women’s restroom, Male policemen barged in and took off Cheng Rui’s clothes and humiliated her… In China, the CCP treats believers in Almighty God as important national criminals and even beats them to death for no reason. More than 3 years’ jail time, she was tortured inhumanly by the jail police; she was bullied by other prisoners. She suffered both physically and mentally. In such a difficult and painful environment, how did she relied on God and stood witness to God? Now, I would like to share this movie with you and hope that more people could understand the facts of the CCP persecuting Chinese Christians!  

Christian Movie | Chronicles of Religious Persecution in China | “The Long Road of Exile”

Since it came to power in mainland China in 1949, the Chinese Communist Party has been relentless in its persecution of religious faith. It has frantically arrested and murdered Christians, expelled and abused missionaries operating in China, confiscated and destroyed countless copies of the Bible, sealed up and demolished church buildings, and vainly attempted to eradicate all house churches….
This documentary recounts the true story of a Chinese Christian, Yang Jing’en, being persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party. Yang Jing’en had a happy home and a comfortable life, but after he and his wife believed in God and started performing their duty, they became wanted by the CCP. Continue reading “Christian Movie | Chronicles of Religious Persecution in China | “The Long Road of Exile””

Christian Play “The Old Man and the Child” | Persecution and Hardship Strengthens Their Faith in God

2021 Christian Play “The Old Man and the Child” | Persecution and Hardship Strengthens Their Faith in God

In 2008, the Chinese Communist Party begins frantically suppressing religious beliefs under the guise of “stabilization.” Large numbers of Christians are jailed and tortured, and many are forced to leave their homes to go into hiding, unable to go back. Continue reading “Christian Play “The Old Man and the Child” | Persecution and Hardship Strengthens Their Faith in God”