Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

Listen to the new songs of the kingdom at any time and any place. Quiet yourself before God and let your heart draw closer to Him
new songs of the kingdom
All sorts of hymn videos are for listening pleasure. Listen to the with your heart, sing along, and give thanks for God’s love that is always with us!

If you love to listen to songs, welcome to open the page of song and dance videos and download the gospel dances and add them to your favorites. Outside work, you can listen to and watch them anytime and anywhere, so that you can get closer to God.

I’d like to recommend the list of praise and worship songs with lyrics to you, who like to listen to songs. Listen carefully, and you will find yourself closer to God.
praise and worship songs
I don’t know whether you have this kind of experience, while listening to hymns or watching videos obsessively, suddenly got a reminder that you don’t have much date left, then reluctantly close your data. Have you annoyed by not having much data for listening to hymns and reading God’s words? Worrying not, a APP of the church of Almighty God support offline download, that is, only downloading one time, all kinds of hymns and E-books are all at hand, and you can listen to hymns freely and any time, without the consideration of data. Additionally, the APP support batch downloading, one button pressed, hymns can be download at the same time, saving your time and convenient. Do you want to possess this convenient and date free APP, developed by the church of Almighty God? Please click the link and download.”

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