2020 Christian Testimony Video | “When I Was Eighteen” | Based on a True Story

I didn’t know much about the state of faith in China before. I watched Christian Testimony Video “When I Was Eighteen” At the age of 18, she was arrested, fled but was arrested again because of believing in God and preaching the gospel, and then she suffered inhuman insults and torments. Only then did I know that the CCP persecutes religious beliefs and murders Christians so frantically. I would like to share this Video with you and hope that more people could understand the facts of the CCP persecuting Chinese Christians!

At the age of 18, Yilian was arrested by the CCP police because of her faith. They used all sorts of tactics to humiliate and torture her, to tempt and entice her, trying to force her to betray God and sell out her brothers and sisters. She prayed and called out to God time and time again through these hardships…. How did Yilian triumph over Satan and stand witness under the guidance of God’s words? Watch When I Was Eighteen to find out.

These Christian movies based on true stories will help you find the right direction and goal in life, and give you more confidence and strength to follow


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