2021 Christian Movie | “Memories of My Youth” ( Trailer)

2021 Christian Movie | “Memories of My Youth” (Trailer)

Zhao Xinliang has believed in God along with his parents ever since he was little. Then in May 2014, at just 20 years old, he’s arrested by the police while in a gathering and taken to a transformation through education center for brainwashing. The police employ all sorts of torture methods in an attempt to force him to sell out the church, including burning him with lit cigarettes on the nipples and below the belt, and splashing four kettles full of boiling water all over his body and his genitals, leaving him entirely covered with blood blisters both large and small and his skin a horrible sight to behold.

Zhao Xinliang begins to wish for death in his agony, but through the enlightenment and guidance of , he regains his faith and has the courage to continue on, absolutely determined to stand witness for God. Even before his skin has healed, the brainwashing instructors continue their nonstop attempts at brainwashing him, working in shifts. Meanwhile the police are constantly threatening and intimidating him, trying to force him to deny and betray God. In the face of this brutal persecution by the Chinese Communist police and the brainwashing instructors, will Zhao Xinliang be able to stand witness in the end? Watch Memories of My Youth to find out.

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These faith-based movies, free of charge, tell Christians’ true testimony of persevering in following God and bearing witness for God in all kinds of awful environments.

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