Christian Movie | “Sweetness in Adversity” | Faith-Based Movies

Hello. Here I’d like to speak some heartfelt words with you who read the post. Disasters become ever more severe, but I see many friends around me have yet to welcome the Lord, so I feel very worried. Why do I say this? Because the Savior has long ago returned and He is the incarnate Almighty God. However, many friends who would like to investigate the true way see the rumors on the Internet spread by the CCP, so they stop investigating the true way. However, do you know? Rumors are rumors after all. As long as we discern them, we will know the truths. If we give up investigating because of blindly listening to the rumors and lose the chance of welcoming the Lord’s return, it would be a great pity, wouldn’t it? Here I’d like to recommend a movie to you all. I sincerely hope this movie will help you to see through the rumors spread by the CCP and welcome the Lord as soon as possible.

Christian Movie | “Sweetness in Adversity” | Faith-Based Movies 

Christian Han Lu was monitored and tracked by the CCP police officers, which led to her capture. The police officers have brutally tortured her, and they have also used rumors to try to brainwash her, used her family to try and coerce her, and other despicable methods to try to threaten her in an attempt to compel her to deny God and betray God. However, under the guidance of the word of God, Han Lu has made it through many interrogations under torture and has powerfully refuted the various rumors and fallacies of the CCP with truth. Within the bitter environment of the CCP’s persecution, a beautiful and resounding testimony has been made …

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