Free Gospel Movies ”Dawn Light” | How to Find a Church With the Work of the Holy Spirit

Seeing this title, you may ask: “How could the churches be desolate? What exactly is going on?” Don’t worry. Let’s discuss this topic together.
We all know that in the Old Testament Age of Law, the temple was the place for people to worship God, but by late in the Age of Law, the temple became a den for thieves, a marketplace for buying and selling livestock and changing money. Priests committed sins but heavenly fire no longer fell down to burn them; even though believers violated commandments and laws, they were not punished. The temple became desolate. Only those who accepted the gospel of repentance of the Lord Jesus received His grace and blessings, basking in the watering of the living water of life.
Now in many churches, there are more and more illicit things happening, and religious leaders don’t abide by the Lord’s commandments but follow worldly trends, cling to wealth and vie for power. They have entirely departed from the way of the Lord. The faith and love of many believers are fading. Many believers say that when they attend meetings and read the Bible, the pastors and elders preach on the same old things, and there is no illumination in their sermons. Although they hear a lot of sermons, their spiritual lives never progress. When believers return home, they don’t want to read the Bible and don’t know what to say to the Lord in prayers. They are always unable to get the Lord’s guidance. They just go through the motions when they participate in meetings. They even treat the churches as the marketplaces or the places where they form personal relationships, so that they can sell others merchandise and insurance, and find a romantic partner.

Free Gospel Movies ”Dawn Light” | How to Find a Church With the Work of the Holy Spirit

As a child, Yangwang followed her parents in their faith in the Lord, and as an adult she served the Lord in the church. In 2013, her church joined the World Council of Churches, which advocates universal church unification and religious pluralism. Believing that her pastors and elders’ insistence on joining the Council was a departure from the Lord’s way and not in accord with the Lord’s heart, eventually she left her denomination and began to search for a church with the work of the Holy Spirit. But, after visiting several, she found that all the denominations were desolate, and that there was no light in the preaching of their pastors and elders. She could find no provision of life, and her spirit was withering and turning to darkness. In her pain, she often called to the Lord, asking the Lord to return quickly. … One day, she went online to search for information about the return of the Lord, where she saw a video in which the words of Almighty God were read. Almighty God’s words shocked her soul. She felt they had authority and power and seemed like the voice of God. To determine whether Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus, she began to seek out and examine Almighty God’s work in the last days. Through reading Almighty God’s word and hearing the fellowship of witnesses, she resolved her confusion. She discovered that the word of Almighty God is entirely truth, that it is indeed God’s voice, and that Almighty God is the Lord Jesus whose return she had spent years longing for. Since, she has read the word of God every day, thereby nourishing her thirsty soul, and truly receiving the water of life which flows from the throne.

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