Gospel testimony video | “Who Are the Pharisees of Today?”

Two thousand years ago, when the Lord Jesus did His work, the Pharisees adhered to the Bible and condemned the Lord’s work and they tried their best to prevent the Jewish believers from following the Lord Jesus. Finally, they nailed the Lord Jesus to the cross and were cursed and punished by God.
Now, when the Lord Jesus returns to the flesh and does the work of judgment starting from the house of God, the modern-day Pharisees, most pastors and elders in the religious world, convict and reject Him. They fabricate rumors, and spread heresies and fallacies to deceive believers and prevent them from investigating God’s work of the last days.
Why did God’s two incarnations, when He became manifest and did work, meet with resistance and condemnation from religious world? What is the source of this matter? If we cannot discern the God-defying essence of the last days’ Pharisees, won’t it be very easy for us to follow them in condemning and rejecting Christ of the last days so that we miss the opportunity to welcome the Lord’s return?

Gospel testimony video | “Who Are the Pharisees of Today?”

The main character is a devout Christian who accepts Almighty God’s gospel of the last days after years of earnestly serving the Lord. Because her old church’s pastors are well-versed in the Bible and often teach their congregation to be watchful for the Lord’s return, she believes that if they were to read Almighty God’s words, they would surely recognize the Lord’s voice and recognize Almighty God as the Lord Jesus returned, and then happily welcome the Lord. To her surprise, however, when the pastors hear the news of the Lord’s coming, they not only refuse to learn more about it, but they do all they can to stop her from accepting the true way. They spread heresies and fallacies to deceive and disturb brothers and sisters in the church so that they don’t investigate the true way. They even try to get her to give up her faith in Almighty God by threatening to discontinue her church service and expel her from the church. The pastors’ behavior, however, clearly reveals the true colors of the pastors and elders—that of God-resisting hypocrites—and she sees that they are indeed the Pharisees of today. She breaks free from their cage and control and becomes even more resolved to follow Almighty God.

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