61 It’s Almighty God Who Saves Us

Are you waiting for the Lord’s return? Are you searching for the way to cast off sin? Do you wish to be raptured before the disaster? A group of Christians who used to desperately yearn for the return of the Savior, after searching eagerly, have welcomed the appearance of God, heard God’s new words and found the way to be free from sin and attain salvation. They could not help but to lament: “We are so blessed! God has heard our prayers!” Yes, that’s true! The two millennia of yearning has finally come true. Today God is living among us, expressing all the truths for us to gain salvation, performing the work of judgment beginning with the house of God, and showing us the way to cast off sin and enter the kingdom of heaven.

61 It’s Almighty God Who Saves Us

1 Who expresses the truth to save mankind? Who dispenses judgment seated upon the white throne? It’s Almighty God who has come in the flesh in the last days. He utters words to knock on mankind’s door. He leads us away from the world, and saves us from Satan’s corruption. By understanding the truth, we are purified and we live in the light. With God beside us, having God with us, our lives are truly happy.

2 Who is it that gives us truth and life? Who is it that brings light to the world? It’s the beloved Almighty God. He speaks and works among us every day. He shepherds us and waters us face-to-face. We are so fortunate to experience His true love. We follow God with absolute faith. We fulfill our duties, bear witness for God and glorify God.

3 Whose words pierce our hearts like a sharp sword? Whose love for man is the most pure, the most beautiful? It’s Almighty God who has incarnated in the last days. His words expose the essence and root of mankind’s corruption. We experience the judgment and trials of God’s words. We see God’s disposition is righteous and holy. Our corrupt dispositions are purified, and we appear human again. We experience God’s love and can’t help praising Him.

4 Who is it that purifies and saves corrupt mankind? Who is it that brings a beautiful destination to mankind? It’s Almighty God, whose work is wise and all-powerful. He defeats Satan, perfects His people and gains glory. We are so fortunate to attain salvation! It is so wonderful to witness God’s almighty words! We spread the kingdom gospel with absolute faith. We fulfill our duty well, we bear witness to God and we will love God forever!


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