Full Gospel Movies “Faith in God 2 – After the Church Falls” | True Stories of Christians in China

Since the Chinese Communist Party came to power, it has been crazily striking against religious beliefs in order to fully eradicate them and consolidate its atheist dictatorship. It has been tearing down churches, destroying copies of the Bible, and wantonly arresting and persecuting Christians. It inflicts brutal torture, brainwashing, and long-term surveillance on Christians in a vain attempt to eradicate Christians and make China a region without God. Because of the CCP’s inhuman persecution, more and more Christians have to leave their homes for foreign countries. However, the CCP doesn’t stop pursuing and persecuting them. It has extended its dark hand to democratic countries overseas, attempting to extradite the Christians and persecute them more brutally.

Full Gospel Movies “Faith in God 2 – After the Church Falls” | True Stories of Christians in China

Since the Chinese Communist Party came to power, it has continuously suppressed and persecuted Christianity and Catholicism in order to fully eradicate all religious beliefs and establish China as a zone of atheism. Particularly since Xi Jinping became President the CCP’s attacks on faith have reached a peak, and even the officially sanctioned Three-Self Church is being eradicated and crosses are being torn down.
Yu Congguang is an evangelist who makes a dangerous escape from a CCP mass arrest. Afterward, he makes his way to the home of Three-Self Patriotic Movement Christian Chen Song’en. Chen Song’en’s Three-Self Patriotic Movement church is demolished by the CCP, and some in the church, after listening to the teachings of their pastors and elders, pray for the CCP regime, believing that by doing so, they are keeping the words of the Lord Jesus, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:44). However, many believers are confused, because despite the fact that they have prayed for blessings for the CCP for so many years, the CCP has not only failed to repent, but has even demolished their church. They wonder: Does praying for the CCP actually accord with God’s will? The congregation argues about the question but can’t reach a conclusion. Later, through reading God’s words and the fellowship of Yu Congguang and his associate, Chen Song’en and the others learn the true meaning of the Lord Jesus’ teaching to “love your enemies.” They also gain discernment of the CCP’s satanic essence, which is to resist God and loathe the truth, and clearly see the dangerous consequences of following the pastors and elders down the Three-Self path and relying on the protection of a satanic ruling power …

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