Exposing the Truth of the CCP’s Religious Policy Masked by Its Constitution

In 2019 the CCP continued applying pressure on some democratic countries as well as utilizing Communist sympathizers and anti-religion individuals to stage fake demonstrations abroad in an attempt to have CAG Christians who had fled abroad extradited back to China.
The conditions under which the approximately four million CAG Christians in mainland China struggle to practice their faith and lead a normal existence have continued to worsen. Their situation is a great cause for concern and has attracted international attention.

Ma Jinlong (Captain of the National Security Team): Han Lu, here is a chance for you to score some points. As long as you tell us who your leaders are and where your church’s money is stashed, we will go easy on you. Naturally, if you do well, it is not out of the question that we let you go.

Chen Jun (Deputy captain of the national security team): Humph! According to records of the notebook, the figure of the church’s money is written there. It certifies that you are a church leader! How much money does the church have? Where is it stashed? Who are your higher-ups? Quickly explain!

Han Lu (A Christian): We believers of God neither break the law nor commit crime. What right do you have to interrogate me like a criminal? We preach the gospel to witness for God in order to bring people to God to receive the truth, to be able to get rid of sins for God’s salvation, and enter beautiful destination. These are good deeds, righteous actions. We believers of God have not violated any law. What do you want me to explain? The Constitution clearly stipulates for the freedom of belief. Why don’t you act according to the Constitution? You interrogate me for who my leaders are and how much money the church has. What is the purpose? Is it legal?

Chen Jun: You want to drop the Constitution on us. Was the Constitution written for you? Are you qualified to talk about the Constitution? Under the reign of the Communist Party, the Communist Party is the boss! The Communist Party is atheist and most against those who believe in God. Your belief in God is a violation of the Communist Party’s law, a violation of the Communist Party’s taboo. So the Communist Party will crack down on it. Once we capture you believers of God, we will fix you and interrogate you any way we like. This is the prerogative given to us by the Party Central Committee! Particularly you key figures of The Church of Almighty God, we must severely punish you, and that does not rule out killing! That is the Communist Party’s policy! The Communist Party’s policy is the real law! What does the Constitution amount to? It is a tool to serve the rule of the Communist Party! Do you understand it now?

Han Lu: The Constitution is the fundamental law of a country. Government officials all over the world act in accordance with the Constitution to govern and administer. The Chinese Communist government does not abide by the Constitution but openly trample on it. In your own words, you said that above the Constitution is the real law of the Communist Party. How many sets of laws do you have? If the Chinese Communist government has another set of law behind the Constitution, isn’t this sufficient to prove that in the Communist state, the power is greater than the law? The Constitution devised by the Chinese Communist government is not intended for Chinese citizens to comply with, even the government itself is not bound by the Constitution. What is the use of the Constitution after all? What’s the point?

Ma Jinlong: After living in China for decades, you still haven’t figured this out? The Communist Party is an atheistic party, a revolutionary party. Why is it so against those who believe in God? It is because the Communist Party is most inimical to the Bible, most inimical to the word of God! When the Communist Party ascends to power, it will ban and eliminate all religions, ultimately establishing a godless domain in China to ensure its permanent rule! This is the paramount policy of the Communist Party in dealing with religious beliefs! The Constitutional stipulation for religious freedom is intended for display to foreigners, a political means for the Communist Party to consolidate the political power of the regime and enhance its international influence. As long as the Communist Party is in power in China, don’t even dream of having religious freedom! If you stubbornly follow the path of believing in God, you are courting death! Even if you do not face the firing squad, you will rot and die in prison! Do you understand it now? Do you still need me to elaborate?

Chen Jun: China is the Communist Party’s world. When you were born in China, you have to listen to the Communist Party, you have to be a conforming citizen in order to lead a peaceful life. You want to believe in God freely? No way! Even if you flee overseas to believe in God, we will still extradite you back. I tell you, the Communist Party is a revolutionary party. If you defy the Communist Party’s leadership, then the Communist Party will terminate your life, remove your head! I advise you to act sensibly and cooperate with us nicely! The alternative is death! You need to think it over clearly!

Han Lu: I just don’t understand why the Communist Party has to strike against and suppress religious beliefs. Why are Christians being treated as the state’s most wanted criminals? Why are they being repressed and persecuted by revolutionary means, even tortured to death? This does not pass the scrutiny of international law! Those who believe in God magnify and revere God. They value the pursuit of truth and live by the word of God. They are law-abiding citizens who lead the correct path of life. Why does the Communist Party regard those who believe in God as thorns in the side and implacable enemies that cannot coexist with it? Does it mean the Chinese Communist government wants people to follow the depraved and evil ways, and forbids them to follow the right path? No wonder the Chinese society is getting increasingly darker and more evil. Isn’t this the consequence of the Communist Party’s hatred of the truth, attack on justice, and antagonization of God? Almighty God says, “The rise and fall of a country or nation is predicated upon whether its rulers worship God, and whether they lead their people closer to God and to worship Him. … God shall cause those who follow and worship Him to prosper, and shall bring decline and extinction upon those who resist and reject Him.

Chen Jun: Han Lu! It seems that you really understand the Communist Party. I admit, the Communist Party has never stopped doing bad things since it took power. It has now provoked the people’s resistance. But what are people in the eyes of the Communist Party? The Communist Party does not care about this! I tell you the truth today, the Communist Party is the satanic party, satanic cult that opposes God. Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong were satanic cult leaders. They were sworn enemies of God who acted specifically against God. It is useless for anyone to oppose, or for the people to hate the Communist Party. The Communist Party has tanks and machine guns. We will repress and annihilate anyone who opposes the Communist Party. The Communist Party is atheist while you believers of God are theist. The Communist Party and believers of God are simply enemies. This is a deadly class struggle of ideology. Do you understand? You should also know that the Communist Party’s faith is encountering a serious crisis. No one believes in the theory of communism anymore. Most Chinese people recognize the existence of God in their hearts. They all recognize the existence of fate and karma. So more and more people are believing in God now. Tell me, how can the Communist Party not repress you? In order to maintain its political power, the Communist Party is capable of doing anything, even at the expense of launching wars and massacring mankind. The Communist Party is able to do this. Who can restrict it?

Han Lu: The Communist Party indeed has the ability to repress and massacre. But is there no retribution? The Roman government frantically condemned and opposed the work of the Lord Jesus, and brutally captured and killed Christians. God sent down the plague and destroyed the Roman regime. The Israelites resisted, condemned and crucified the Lord Jesus. God made Israel cease to exist for nearly two thousand years. From ancient times to the present, haven’t all those who acted against God been destroyed by God? People often say that human beings are very insignificant in front of nature. Aren’t humans even more insignificant in front of the Creator? “Good begets good, evil begets evil.” This is a fact that no one can deny! The existence of Heaven’s law is the fact of God’s dominance. Even if you don’t recognize God, shouldn’t you acknowledge karma?

from the movie script of Sweetness in Adversity


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