Why do I keep repeating the same sin|Gospel Movie Clip “Stinging Memories” (7) – The Way of Removing Sin

Can We Who Often Sin and Then Confess Enter God’s Kingdom?
Recently, some brothers and sisters have sent us messages, saying, “I am often unable to carry out the Lord’s teachings. When someone does or says something that I don’t like, I can’t be tolerant and patient; when matters touch upon my interests, I can lie; when I encounter calamities, I also blame God. … I feel confused: Can I, who often live in the state of sinning in the day and confessing at night, enter God’s kingdom?”

With regard to this question, some brothers and sisters think that though we still commit sins, the Lord has forgiven our sins, and we can be raptured into the kingdom of heaven when He comes. But some raise doubts: God says, “[Y]ou shall therefore be holy, for I am holy” (Leviticus 11:45). “[H]oliness, without which no man shall see the Lord” (Hebrews 12:14). It can be seen that God is holy. Now we still live in sin and are bound by sin. We haven’t achieved purification; are we qualified to be taken into the heavenly kingdom?

Let’s read God’s words and then we’ll understand this question. The Lord Jesus said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, Whoever commits sin is the servant of sin. And the servant stays not in the house for ever: but the son stays ever” (John 8:34–35). God’s words say, “You must know what kind of people I desire; those who are impure are not permitted to enter into the kingdom, those who are impure are not permitted to besmirch the holy ground. Though you may have done much work, and worked for many years, in the end if you are still deplorably filthy, then it will be intolerable to the law of Heaven that you wish to enter My kingdom! From the foundation of the world until today, never have I offered easy access to My kingdom to those who curry favor with Me. This is a heavenly rule, and no one can break it!” Clearly, God is holy and those who often live in the state of sinning and confessing can’t enter God’s kingdom. This is decided by God’s righteous disposition. Only when we are cleansed of sin and completely escape the bondage of sin, can we be eligible to enter the heavenly kingdom.

Why do I keep repeating the same sin|Gospel Movie Clip “Stinging Memories” (7) – The Way of Removing Sin

Do you know how God carries out the work of judging and purifying man? Fan Guoyi was an elder of a house church in China. In his over twenty years of service, he always emulated Paul, sacrificing for the Lord zealously and working hard. He firmly believed that he was doing the will of the heavenly Father by pursuing that way and he would surely be raptured to the kingdom of heaven at the return of the Lord. However, when Almighty God’s end-time salvation came upon him, he clung to his notions, rejecting, resisting, and condemning it time and time again…. Later, after several debates with the preachers from the Church of Almighty God, Fan Guoyi finally woke up. He truly understood the meaning of doing the will of the heavenly Father and the way of pursuing to be saved and enter the kingdom of heaven…. At every thought of the past, the memories were stinging in his heart….

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