Why Does the CCP Monitor and Oppress Christians So Much?

The Church of Almighty God is a new Chinese Christian church that has been subjected to the frantic suppression and severe persecution at the hands of the CCP ever since its founding in 1991. On January 31, The Church of Almighty God will release its 2019 Annual Report on the Chinese Communist Government’s Persecution of the Church, which explains in detail the persecution that the CAG Christians are suffering. We hope people from all walks of life will be concerned about the human rights conditions in China.

Why Does the CCP Monitor and Oppress Christians So Much?

Ma Zhijun (Vice-captain of the National Security Brigade): Level with me, what is your role in The Church of Almighty God? Are you a big leader? Who are your leaders?

Lang Xin (Captain of the National Security Brigade): Don’t think that we won’t know if you don’t talk! Tell you the truth, Jiang Xinyi. We have been investigating and monitoring you for three months. We are on top of your situation. You used to be a reporter for a provincial newspaper, and you’re now a big leader of The Church of Almighty God. Is that correct?

Jiang Xinyi (A Christian): Whatever job I hold in the world and whatever duty I do in the church, is it against the law? Isn’t the freedom of religion explicitly stipulated in the national Constitution? My belief is proper and lawful. What authority do you have to monitor and investigate me? Who authorized you to arrest believers of God?

Lang Xin: What authority? Listen well. In China, believing in God is a criminal offense already! You should understand well that in China, the open Constitution does not represent the CCP’s policy. Your belief in God may be consistent with the Constitution, but it violates CCP policy. So it is an offense. The Communist Party’s policy is the real law! You mean to tell me you didn’t see that? Humph! The Communist Party is an atheistic party. Atheism and theism are inherently against each other. Can the incumbent Communist Party allow people to believe in God?

Jiang Xinyi: Man is created by God, so is everything in the universe. God rules over everything including human. It is just and proper for man to believe in God. What authority does the CCP have to deprive the religious freedom of the Chinese people? Who authorized it to deprive the right to life of those with a religious belief? Why are believers of God not allowed to live in the land of China?

Lang Xin: Jiang Xinyi, I advise you to understand the situation. You have to know what the CCP hates the most is God’s appearance and work and believers of God like you all, particularly the truth in the Bible, and The Word Appears in the Flesh. These are the two books that the CCP detests the most. Without these two books, believers of God will no longer exist. The ordinary people will be following the CCP. That’s why the CCP is irreconcilable with you believers! In China, believing in God is a dead end, especially you people of The Church of Almighty God who are more formidable than believers in Jesus in proclaiming and witnessing for God. For that alone, the Communist Party needs to deal with you severely! When you secretly congregate at home, the CCP will arrange for sub-district offices, village committees and the surrounding neighbors to monitor you, and stand by to arrest you. To people among you that are particularly influential, we assign dedicated personnel to track and report real-time intelligence on you, and round you up when you are meeting or congregating! When you flee from home in exile, the CCP will issue warrants and offer bounty for your arrest. You will be captured sooner or later. Even when you have fled overseas, the government can also use diplomatic means to extradite you back at all costs for torture and imprisonment. Why is the CCP willing to spend so much manpower, time and money on suppressing religious beliefs? Its goal is to thoroughly ban and eliminate all religions, exterminating and eradicating all you believers of God! “Troops won’t be withdrawn until the ban is done!” Completely abolishing the work of God and the church of God, and constructing an atheist domain out of China is the Communist Party’s religious policy! Humph! Putting it this way, do you still dare to talk about reason and law with the CCP? Now that I have told you clearly about the Communist Party’s policy, how do you feel about it? Is there anything else you don’t understand and discern?

Jiang Xinyi: From what you said, I finally understand. After all, the CCP’s insane suppression, apprehension and persecution of Christians are meant to totally abolish religious beliefs and construct an atheist domain out of China. Do you think this is possible? Have you seen any country become an atheist domain? None in the whole world. No existing power in the world can abolish people’s religious beliefs. In countries where communist parties are in power, they have always wanted to ban religious beliefs. Did they succeed? Not only did they fail, there are more and more believers of God. What is this all about? This proves that God is the Master of all. It is the Spirit of God at work! Is man able to ban it? Almighty God says, “Of everything that occurs in the universe, there is nothing that I do not have the final say in. What exists that is not in My hands? All that I say goes, and among men, who is there who can change My mind? … Nothing can hinder My plan” (The Word Appears in the Flesh). If the ruling party keeps acting against God, isn’t it going against Heaven and the natural order?

Religious Persecution

Ma Zhijun: That’s enough! We are interrogating you now, and you want to turn the table around to interrogate us? Going by what you are saying, you are definitely a leader of the church, and a big leader as well! You had better start telling us everything if you don’t want to be tortured!

Lang Xin: I warn you, today we let you account for who your leaders are and where the church money is. This is your chance to make up for your mistakes. If you don’t appreciate the privilege and refuse to give us an honest account, don’t expect to walk out from here alive!

(A young policeman enters and gives a paper file to Lang Xin, who is standing in front of the interrogation table.)

Police: Captain Lang. (Lang Xin opens the file, takes out a sheaf of photos, and leafs through them. Ma Zhijun stands aside looking at the photos, too.)

Lang Xin: Look at these photos. (With the photos put before her eyes, Jiang Xinyi knits her brows. Lang Xin snorts a laugh, picks out a photo where Jiang Xinyi was talking with a sister in the park, and shows it to her.) Who is she? What’s her name? Is she your leader?

Jiang Xinyi: She is my friend. Is it a crime to chat with a friend in the park?

Lang Xin: Say it! Is the person in the picture the one you called “sister” on the phone? Didn’t you ask her for 2,000 books of God’s word?

Ma Zhijun: You thought by furtively contacting each other and talking in codes on the phone, then you can get away with it. You underestimated the police! The surveilling and eavesdropping devices we used are imported from the United States, the most advanced equipment in the world. No matter how you talk on the phone, we can always recognize your voices and spot that you are talking in codes. We have even mastered the codes you often use. You still want to escape from our eyes? Not a chance! Now we let you take the initiative to explain, this is an opportunity for leniency with frankness. If you stubbornly oppose, don’t blame us for the brutality. Our instruments of torture are no vegetarian stuff. In our hands, the tightest lips and stiffest spines will loosen up and play along with us.

Jiang Xinyi: Your monitoring equipment is indeed too advanced, but you are misusing it in blocking and banning God’s work and arresting Christians. What law have the believers of God violated? What is God’s incarnation to save mankind guilty of? Why do you always want to ban God’s work of salvation for man? In which country do the police monitor believers of God like you do? You spent so much money on buying the most sophisticated surveilling equipment in the world to monitor, track and arrest Christians, is it all legal? If the Communist Party rules the country by law and respects human rights, will believers of God need to talk in codes on the phone? Isn’t all this being forced by the Chinese Communist government? The Chinese Communist government wantonly violates the citizens’ right for religious beliefs and deprives right to life of believers of God, then it turns around to convict them for violating the law and disturbing social order. Isn’t this turning black and white on its head and the thief crying “Stop thief!”? Explain it to me, is it you or we who violate the law?

Lang Xin: From what you say, you still don’t understand the Communist Party. Why is the CCP most against God and God’s work? It is because Christians like you only believe in God’s word but not the CCP’s. In the eyes of the CCP, you are the enemies! You violate the CCP’s policy, it is more serious than committing a crime! Going by the past notion, it should be treated as counter-revolutionary matters, despite notions of counter-revolution have been abolished. However, since you violate the CCP’s policy, you are the target of CCP revolution. The CCP will have you completely banned and eliminated. Am I being clear in what I say?

Jiang Xinyi: What you said clarified everything and let me understand the CCP. The CCP is determined to be the sworn enemy of God and fight against God to the end. I just don’t understand. What good does it do for the CCP to be the enemy of God like that? By resisting God like that, can it make the country more prosperous and the people happier? In the Age of Law, God proclaimed to mankind: “Visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation of them that hate Me; And showing mercy to thousands of them that love Me, and keep My commandments” (Exodus 20:5–6). From ancient times to the present, all those who acted against God have met with no good ending. The persecution we endure for believing in God is only temporary. The punishment for resisting God is eternal. God’s righteous disposition is unoffendable.

Ma Zhijun: Dammit, you are still trying to spread the gospel and witness for God to us here! Don’t you know what we are? We are devils committed to fight against God! We don’t accept what you stand for. We are the disciples of Karl Marx, a Satanist. We are atheists! Even if God were real, I wouldn’t recognize Him. I would rather perish in hell than accept God! And you still want to preach the gospel and witness God to us. I see that you are courting death!

Ma Bo (A policeman): You dare to talk heavenly justice!

Lang Xin: All right. Today I’ll let you see clearly who is the master of your fate, whether it is God or us. Hang her up!

Ma Bo: How do you like it? Does it feel good? You are going to get the full treatment if you don’t tell us everything.

Lang Xin: Let me tell you, we have ways to fix “godized people” like you. Didn’t you want to bear witness for God and pledge allegiance to God? Didn’t you want to bear a resounding witness? I’ll let you be Judas and a disgrace to God. I’m going to post your pictures online. I’ll say you have sold out your church and become Judas. I’ll ruin your name. I’ll let everyone in your church forsake you! By then, you won’t be able to clear your name even if you have a thousand voices. Let’s see how you’re going to face the people of your church.

Jiang Xinyi: I know you are capable of any devious deed. Framing and setting people up, creating rumors and smearing others are your usual tricks. But God is righteous. God examines everything. God knows whether I am Judas or not. What you say doesn’t count!

from the movie script of The Exchange: Account of an Interrogation

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